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What Outdoor Meterials Do We Use?

Outdoor Waterproof Curtain Fabric

Are there waterproof and moisture-resistant outdoor curtains for swimming pools, patios, gazebos, and gardens, the answer is yes, at snowcityshop, we offer a wide range of waterproof, sunproof, and moisture-resistant outdoor curtains and outdoor pillows to dress up your perfect outdoor area.

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High Quality Waterproof Polyester Fiber

For regular outdoor waterproof curtains, we use polyester fiber. When dyeing, we pour the waterproof coating into the dyeing tank. The waterproofing process is completed in this step. The advantage of doing this is to ensure the softness of the fabric, but also to prevent fading fast, and double the waterproof effect.
We use a three-layer weaving process, the first and third layers use normal color waterproof curtain fabric, the middle layer is black fabric, used to absorb the sun's rays and ultraviolet rays, the shading can reach 85% to 90%.

PENGI® Outdoor Curtains Fabric

At snowcity, we take pride in the craftsmanship and quality of our pengi outdoor curtains. PENGI® is a pioneer in the performance fabrics industry, and our outdoor window coverings are crafted with top-of-the-line PENGI fabrics to ensure superior durability and performance. With PENGI® outdoor window coverings from snowcity, you can be confident that your window coverings will stand up to the elements and look great for years to come.

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PENGI: 100% Solution-dyed Acrylic

PENGI is different from ordinary fabric, it is a kind of high strength functional fabric developed by Snowcity. Each thread is more resilient and is specially developed for people who demand high quality outdoor curtains and some extreme weather. Of course, in the regular use scenario, it performs even better.
PENGI has passed 2000 hours of high sunlight test, 7 levels of weather resistance test, and obtained a large number of environmental certificates. After the Teflon technology treatment, the waterproof effect is more advanced. PENGI has not faded after the harsh test.
PENGI fabric is widely used in outdoor applications and can be made into umbrella cloth, waterproof cloth, waterproof curtain, waterproof pillow and so on. We use it to make curtains and pillow cases for everyone. And 200 kinds of colors are available.

Outdoor Furniture Covers Fabric

Snowcity's outdoor furniture covers are made of 600D high-strength canvas. Oxford cloth has good waterproof performance, very durable and wear-resistant, Oxford cloth is strong and tough, tight and sturdy, can easily cope with inadvertent collision and friction.

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600D oxford fabric

Snowcity outdoor cover uses 600D high-strength canvas. When the market is full of 300D oxford cloth, we decided to raise the cost and use 600D to make it. It is very resistant to wear and tear and will not break in ten years of normal use. The back of the canvas is coated with a PVC layer, which will completely block rainwater erosion.