Brand Story



Brand Story

Initial Discovery

In 2017, I was still in California. After a rainstorm, our porch was filled with water and the pillows and cushions on my wicker chairs suffered. It occurred to me that this should be something to cover my porch with. I didn't want to ruin the beauty of the porch, but rain protection was a pressing concern and I started looking for ways to solve the problem.

I found many friends who had beautiful curtains in their homes. In their backyards, curtains were often used to decorate the pavilion. That became my breakthrough, but these curtains were not waterproof.

I found that there seemed to be some underlying need for outdoor living, and that was for decorative patio living as well as privacy.

Getting Started

Back in 2018 I started looking for a new way to live outdoors by using waterproof outdoor curtains as a breakthrough.

I tried buying many of the waterproof curtains sold on Amazon. They were so poorly waterproof and faded quickly.

I spent three months doing so much research that I soon became an expert in the waterproof curtain process. Those curtains were not as waterproof as they could be and the fading was due to a lack of craftsmanship.

So I went to China, a major textile country, to learn their most advanced textile technology and waterproofing process.

Establishment of Snowcity

In 2019, Snowcity was officially established. At that time, I focused on the production of outdoor waterproof curtains. Based on the traditional outdoor waterproof curtains, we made a great improvement. We solved the challenge of enhancing the waterproof function without affecting the softness of the fabric. This was all because we put a lot of effort into our fabric dyeing technology. We choose to complete the waterproofing process in the dyeing process. Instead of applying waterproof coating after the fabric is not finished.

The success of our outdoor curtain products in 2019 was welcomed as soon as they were launched.

New Starting

We have to announce that after the reorganization, Snowcity will be presented to all customers with a new look.

Our brand statement: Outdoor life, endless pursuit.

We pursue higher-end waterproof function. Therefore, we spent one year to develop a new outdoor functional waterproof fabric, named PENGI, which has 2000h sunlight resistance, colorfast, windproof and waterproof. It is our ace product. The waterproof pillowcase we made also uses PENGI fabric.

We have added a product line of outdoor furniture covers with 600D Oxford fabric and our unique waterproofing process. This has opened up a gap with similar products in the market.

Besides, we are still pursuing the design power of our products. Our curtains are not only functional, besides protecting your outdoor furniture, it can also be a natural part of outdoor decoration.

In the future, we will have more outdoor products to launch continuously. This will confirm our declaration: Outdoor life, endless pursuit.