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Outdoor Life, Endless Pursuit

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Waterproof Outdoor Curtain Collection

Best Waterproof Curtain for Gazebo

Get waterproof curtains for your gazebo. Protecting privacy at all times and with 80% blackout, you can effectively hide your party in the gazebo.
Our Pick

PENGI: Upgrade Outdoor Curtain Collection

PENGI is our ace product. It is mainly oriented to the demand of high strength waterproof. If you need an anti-tarnish curtain, it must be your best choice.

Best Waterproof Curtain for Patio

The perfect waterproof curtains to protect your patio. With weighted curtains that won't flutter in the wind on stormy days, you don't have to worry about rain soaking your outdoor furniture.
Top Pick 2024

Outdoor Sheer Curtain Collection

Best Option for Outdoor Decor

Our Sheer is often seen on inflencers‘ social media, and it's very popular because it's so versatile. Our sheer can see through the light but cannot see the person inside. It is also effective in protecting privacy.
Top Pick 2024

Waterproof Pillow By PENGI Fiber

All outdoor pillow is made with PENGI material. You don't have to worry about it getting wet from the rain if you forget to take it into your home on a rainy day.

We Are Snowcity Curtain!

Snowcity, has been focusing on high quality outdoor products. The materials we use are soft but not lack of waterproof function. The different waterproof process makes us stand out. Since 2019, our products have been welcomed by customers all over the world. It must not be a wrong decision to use our curtains.
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