Are outdoor curtains a good idea?


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Are outdoor curtains a good idea?

May 06,2024 | snowcityshop

The most necessary element of your summer patio is outdoor curtains, which not only provide effects such as shade and privacy but also fill in a splash of outdoor décor with your choice of curtain color and pattern. Many home decorators and bloggers or KOLs who value the quality of life are increasingly emphasizing the quality of living experience that comes from the overall decor of the interior and outdoors, rather than the interior alone. That's why outdoor window coverings are becoming more popular and even indispensable as an integral part of outdoor patio decor.

As long as there is a demand in the market, home brand owners will work hard to create a variety of great-looking outdoor curtains that not only look as beautiful and versatile as indoor curtains but are also waterproof and sun-resistant as well as windproof and more.

Please keep scrolling to learn about outdoor curtain benefits, and maybe you're hesitant to replace your outdoor curtains with a new style or want to try out outdoor curtains for effect, you can get useful information from them all.

What Benefits of Outdoor Curtains?

1. Shading

When you want to get your hands on outdoor curtains, the first thing you want them to do is to block out light in the first place. Without outdoor blackout curtains, your outdoor patio furniture may fade or become brittle under constant exposure to the hot summer sun. So to protect the durability of your outdoor furniture, try to still use outdoor curtains with better shading.

2. Protect against stormy weather

If you live in an area with a humid climate zone, then the usual weather must be rainy. While current weather forecasts are perfectly predictable as to when it will rain, you can't just move your yard cushions, sofa cushions, and recliners around every time. But not if you have outdoor curtains that are exceptionally waterproof, and no amount of rain can get the decor in your pavilion porch wet. You can also lie down on your patio lounger on a rainy day and enjoy the marvelous feeling of the sound of the rain.

3. Blocks of sand and insects

That can be really frustrating if you really enjoy outdoor activities like outdoor dinners, but hate mosquitoes and bugs and are a little allergic to dust. But if you choose beautiful outdoor curtains, you can keep insects out of your outdoor space, and if you choose better quality curtain fabrics, you can also keep out wind and sand. You'll be sure to give your guests and yourself a better experience if you entertain outside.

4. Protection of privacy

There are so many benefits that come with enjoying outdoor curtains, and one of them is the protection of privacy, imagine when you're happily chatting with your friends or wife on your patio and promenade, thinking about the bright future, and the next-door neighbor who passes by suddenly says hello and asks about things unrelated to this topic, isn't that a huge bummer, but with outdoor curtains, in addition to protecting your furniture, it can help you well isolate the people you don't want to see.

5. Decorative effect

Being able to decorate your outdoor space the way you want is the best benefit! Because it's not as large of a space as an indoor space, you can show off your personality and sense of beauty by simply decorating outdoor pillows and pairing them with outdoor curtains and more.

You can even change your style every year, whether you want a warm rainforest style, a romantic ocean breeze, or want to show off your mood for the day through color is very easy to achieve. And a good patio is like a work of art that shows off your brand and style.

6. Easy to operate

 Outdoor curtains are very easy to install, it's not unlike other furniture that may still require some assembly experience to complete. Simply thread the holes of the curtains through the curtain rod, or if you purchase outdoor curtains with Velcro, simply hang the Velcro on the curtain rod. If you still have questions about how to hang outdoor curtains and need detailed answers, we've stated that as well. Also, feel free to ask our customer service agents who will give you detailed one-on-one style service.

7. Allow air to circulate

If you like the feeling of air circulation, choose our outdoor window coverings, which do more than protect privacy and provide you with a fantastic outdoor scene, while still adequately bringing the right amount of breeze into your space. And they help you block out light.

Which material should be used for external patio curtains? 

Just like any other textile, outdoor curtains have some unusual and popular fabrics, and some perfect ones that not only beautify and decorate your outdoor space, but also protect against wind and water, and block out a certain amount of sunlight. Let's take a look at them in more detail. The first fabric is the most exclusive and perfect outdoor curtain fabric exclusively for our brand.

1. PENGI® Outdoor Curtains Fabric

PENGI outdoor curtain fabrics are created specifically for all outdoor enthusiasts and are exclusive to and proud of the brand's fabric craftsmanship. It is the perfect outdoor curtain fabric. Its windproof, waterproof, and light-blocking properties are perfect, you can be sure that the outdoor curtains made of this fabric will stand up to the wind and rain, and with 100 colors and patterns to choose from, it is sure to be generous and beautiful to use, that is beyond doubt.

2. Outdoor Waterproof Curtain Fabric

If you want to achieve the ultimate waterproof effect, the use of ordinary polyester fabric can not achieve the relevant effect, but if you add waterproof coating when you dye the curtains, you can achieve an excellent waterproof effect.

3. Cotton fabric

Plain cotton fabric is the most common fabric used to use as curtains. It is very lightweight and relatively inexpensive, but it is also non-taste not waterproof existence, so it is also more prone to mold, more suitable for areas not prone to rain amount, or indoor-based.

4. Canvas

Canvas is often used as a fabric for outdoor items but is most commonly used in umbrella fabrics, which are more waterproof but lighter not particularly windproof.

What To Consider Before Buying  Outdoor Curtains For Patios?

1. Consider the characteristics of the desired outdoor curtains

It is important to consider the characteristics you want in your curtains, whether you need a fabric that is waterproof and windproof to release mold and mildew, or whether you want outdoor curtains that are more effective at blocking out light or providing good ventilation. This is a prerequisite for choosing the right curtains for you. If you need curtains that let in more light, then you need to consider what UV rating the curtains will block.

2. Hanging method

Outdoor curtains are generally categorized into three types, the first is the more traditional hanging method that requires hooks, and the other two are more convenient, perforated curtains or Velcro-style outdoor curtains.

3. Consider the size of your outdoor curtains
Many brands nowadays, in addition to the regular outdoor curtains you can choose from, can also customize the size, for example, how many feet you want the bottom of the curtains to be free of the ground type of distance, and these can be achieved according to your needs.