Snowcity Functional Curtains

Curtains are not only limited to being an essential tool of privacy or an adornment for the house space. It can also bring in multiple useful functionalities to your home so that the quality of your daily life can improve.

Here we will briefly discuss the best of Snowcity functional curtains so that you can find the most suitable one for your home!

1. Waterproof 

We all know how unpredictable weather can be sometimes. For many areas, it is actually the only prediction the inhabitants can make about the weather! Living there, you can suddenly be served with some heavy rain or be showered with scorching rays of the sun anytime any day!

That is why having a waterproof outdoor curtain helps a lot to keep you and your loved ones safe from adverse weather conditions. It can protect all the individuals having a good time at the outdoors from drenching in the rain or shivering in the storm.

2. Flame Retardant

Valuable institutions of the society like schools, hospitals and churches have a large gathering of people on a daily basis. Every individual visiting or working in these places hold significance to someone. That is why every life matters and thus each of them should be kept secure.

This flame retardant curtain provides safety . And blocks out 85%-99% of light, insulate thermal.

3. Blackout Indoor Curtain 

We all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep. A long uninterrupted sleep at night where unnecessary light cannot sneak in can make your mood a hundred times better the next day! Therefore, you will be more interested in having a good conversation with others and being productive the whole day.

One way to ensure that any ray of light is not disrupting your deep sleep is to install some blackout indoor curtains in the bedroom. These curtains from Snowcity can heavily improve the quality of your sleep by blocking out all the bright rays from your bed.

4. Printing Curtains

Who wouldn’t want to have their own creativity hanging in the doorway or see it moving with the wind like a lively piece of art? For those of you who have a creative mind full of imagination and ideas like this, Snowcity brings you the chance of designing your own curtains!

Once you finalize your design, requirements and preferences to us, we will print out the curtain of your dreams within the shortest possible time. Get ready to receive “wow”s and claps from your guests soon!


As you can see, there are many ways a thoughtfully designed and manufactured set of curtains can improve your life. Along with ensuring proper rest and protecting you from adverse weather, these curtains also offer you a chance to explore your own creativity. What more can one ask for?